Earn money writing article on mobile

Hi Everyone, Assalamualikum. Today I’ll told you about how to earn money on mobile. Many peoples who haven’t desktop or laptop. But they want to earn money by using their mobile phones.

But If you going to traditional marketplaces like upwork, fiverr, guru, people per hour. You must have a laptop or desktop. Because, most of the task that needed computer devices.

You can earn money on mobile. That pretty simple and have a look the full article.

Start Earning on HubPiL

How you can make money on hubpil? don’t worry. In this platform you can earn by several ways. Such as: Writing article, Referral, Shearing post.

Earn Money By Writing Article

You can start making money on hubpil by writing article. Before start writing several question have following:

  • what kind of articles can you write?
  • where you’ll get the topic?
  • where you’ll get the images?

Don’t worry about this, Hubpil will guide you to writing articles properly.

First One: 

You can write on several topics. You can check the category on hubpil. Many category available now such as game, technology, freelancing, entertainment, story etc.

Second One

Pick up a category and search on google. You’ll get huge resources. You can take idea from others blogs. But don’t copy any article. Otherwise, you’ll be suspended without any thread.

How you’ll know article duplicate or not? 

After complete writing article. Save on a text document on you phone note. Or you can write on google docs. That will better and automatically saved. Then you copy the full article and go to popular “smallseotools” and click on “plagiarism checker”

You can find that tools from click here

If you still don’t understand, email us from our contact page. We’ll guide you about this to make unique article.

Third One:

You can create your own images from using canva tools and make it 200 x 200 dimension. And export it as jpg format. Try to compress the images size less than 8 kb.

If you don’t know how to compress images and reduce images size. You can use compress2go

Also you can use copyright free images from stockphotos. But you need resize and reduce images size.

To know how much you can earn from one articles. You can visit our earning area page

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